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Self-related thought and other person related thought have received a great deal of study in recent years, but have seldom been examined in the same experiment. This study used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to compare the neural correlates of judgments of ones own preferences with judgments of another person's preferences. Each participant(More)
Industry research advocates a 4 second rule for web pages to load [7]. Usability engineers note that a response time over 1 second may interrupt a user's flow of thought [6, 9]. There is a general belief that, all other factors equal, users will abandon a slow search engine in favor of a faster alternative. This study compares two mock search engines that(More)
People's experiences when interacting with online services affects their decisions on reuse. Users of Web search engines are primarily focused on obtaining relevant information pertaining to their query. Search engines that fail to satisfy users' information needs may find their market share to be negatively affected. However, despite its importance to(More)
This case study shows how a UX Research organization created a company-wide user first culture, aligned the strategy of multiple products to align with real user needs, and improved product usability in a global company with over 1 billion monthly web and mobile app users. We will describe the team, its organization and role, and specific ways research is(More)
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