Maria Stella Moruzzi

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The acid-base properties of the tetramine 1,5,10,14-tetraazatetradecane H2N(CH2)3NH(CH2)4NH(CH2)3NH2 (spermine) in deuterated water have been studied at 40 degrees C at various pD values by means of NMR spectroscopy. Both one-dimensional 13C[1H] spectra and two-dimensional 1H/13C heterocorrelation spectra with inverse detection have been recorded. A(More)
The effect of spermine (Sp), a natural polycationic amine, on cisplatin (CDDP) sensitivity and accumulation of a human ovarian CDDP-sensitive cell line (2008) and its resistant variant (C13*) was investigated. Survival was also studied. The C13* cells were approximately 20-fold resistant to CDDP, yet were found to be just as sensitive to Sp as 2008 cells.(More)
Protein kinase C is reported to exist in two membrane-bound states: a reversible one which can be dissociated by calcium chelators (membrane-associated form) and an irreversible one which is chelator stable (membrane-inserted form). In the present work the effects of a naturally occurring polyamine (spermine) on the membrane-associated and membrane-inserted(More)
The presence of polyamines is required for the apoptotic program triggered by 2-deoxy-D-ribose (dRib) in HL-60 cells, but their oxidative metabolites does not appear to be involved in the oxidative stress caused by the sugar. The present study points to a relationship between spermidine-induced G1 to S phase transition and the onset of dRib-induced(More)
OBJECTIVE Polyamines have been shown to play a role in the growth and survival of several solid tumors, including ovarian cancer. Intracellular polyamine depletion by the inhibition of biosynthesis enzymes or by the induction of the catabolic pathway leads to antiproliferative effects in many different tumor cell lines. Recent studies showed that the(More)
A protein fraction extracted from the liver of rats accustomed to eating during the first 8 h of a daily 12 h dark period is able to increase homologous form-B RNA polymerase activity. When the protein factor is added to RNA polymerase extracted at the end of the daily fasted period (0.9:OOh) the sensitivity of enzyme to ionic strength is modified, and(More)