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Gender inequality and restrictive gender norms: framing the challenges to health
Gender is not accurately captured by the traditional male and female dichotomy of sex. Instead, it is a complex social system that structures the life experience of all human beings. This paper, theExpand
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The chaperone αB-crystallin uses different interfaces to capture an amorphous and an amyloid client
Small heat-shock proteins, including αB-crystallin (αB), play an important part in protein homeostasis, because their ATP-independent chaperone activity inhibits uncontrolled protein aggregation.Expand
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‘Being Able to Breathe Again’: The Effects of Cash Transfer Programmes on Psychosocial Wellbeing
Abstract The multidimensional nature of poverty and vulnerability and the role of psychosocial dimensions in achieving wellbeing are increasingly being recognised, yet development programmeExpand
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Stemming Girls' Chronic Poverty: Catalysing Development Change by Building Just Social Institutions
Childhood, adolescence and early adulthood remain for many girls and young women a period of deprivation, danger and vulnerability, resulting in a signifcant lack of agency and critical developmentExpand
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Transforming gender constraints in the agricultural sector: The potential of social protection programmes
Abstract Gender inequality continues to constrain women's opportunities in the agricultural sector, both in terms of achieving food security and increasing agricultural productivity. However,Expand
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The structure and oxidation of the eye lens chaperone αA-crystallin
The small heat shock protein αA-crystallin is a molecular chaperone important for the optical properties of the vertebrate eye lens. It forms heterogeneous oligomeric ensembles. We determined theExpand
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Displacement and Human Rights: Reflections on UN Practice
* Maria Stavropoulou received her J.D. at the University of Athens, and her two LL.M. degrees at the University of London and Harvard Law School. The author served at the United Nations Centre forExpand
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Ultrashort Broadband Cooperative Pulses for Multidimensional Biomolecular NMR Experiments.
NMR spectroscopy at ultra-high magnetic fields requires improved radiofrequency (rf) pulses to cover the increased spectral bandwidth. Optimized 90° pulse pairs were introduced as Ramsey-typeExpand
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The slow dissociation rate of K-1602 contributes to the enhanced inhibitory activity of this novel alkyl–aryl-bearing fluoroketolide
Abstract Ketolides belong to the latest generation of macrolides and are not only effective against macrolide susceptible bacterial strains but also against some macrolide resistant strains. Here weExpand
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