Maria Springborn

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Correlations between personality traits and a wide range of sensory thresholds were examined. Participants (N = 124) completed a personality inventory (NEO-FFI) and underwent assessment of olfactory, trigeminal, tactile and gustatory detection thresholds, as well as examination of trigeminal and tactile pain thresholds. Significantly enhanced odor(More)
Individuals may differ considerably in their sensitivity towards various painful stimuli supporting the notion of a person as stoical or complaining about pain. Molecular and functional imaging research provides support that this may extend also to other sensory qualities. Whether a person can be characterized as possessing a generally high or low sensory(More)
In this paper, a new and dedicated phase change cooling concept is discussed, following the goal to buffer periodic overload operations of electric power modules and thus keeping junction temperatures constant. A top-mounted latent heat storage material (LHSM) buffer is applied, to soak the overload heat in conjunction with thermo-electric coolers (TECs),(More)
In this paper, the Advanced Mixed-Mode Bending Test (AMB) is presented. The AMB is an experimental method to determine the effects on the critical crack propagation in bi-material interfaces that exist in electronic packages. Target in the development of this test rig was a quick and cost-effective data collection in addition to easier handling of samples.(More)
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