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The emergence of Next Generation Sequencing generates an incredible amount of sequence and great potential for new enzyme discovery. Despite this huge amount of data and the profusion of bioinformatic methods for function prediction, a large part of known enzyme activities is still lacking an associated protein sequence. These particular activities are(More)
Single molecule (SM) techniques are relatively new additions to the field of biophysics that allow one to manipulate individual molecules and study their behavior. To make these studies more relevant to what actually happens in the cell, one needs to move beyond the studies of individual molecules in isolation and study many different molecules working in(More)
Metabolism is generally modeled by directed networks where nodes represent reactions and/or metabolites. In order to explore metabolic pathway conservation and divergence among organisms, previous studies were based on graph alignment to find similar pathways. Few years ago, the concept of chemical transformation modules, also called reaction modules, was(More)
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