Maria Sol Rodríguez-Peña

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Although there is evidence that suggests that dopamine (DA) has stimulatory effects on somatostatinergic transmission, it is unknown to date if DA increases the activity of the somatostatin (SS) receptor-effector system in the rat brain. In this study, we evaluated the effects of the administration of DA and the DA D1-like (D1, D5) receptor antagonist SCH(More)
Lipid metabolism in the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) has emerged as a crucial pathway in the regulation of feeding and energy homeostasis. Carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT) 1A is the rate-limiting enzyme in mitochondrial fatty acid β-oxidation and it has been proposed as a crucial mediator of fasting and ghrelin orexigenic signalling. However, the(More)
Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) stimulated adenylyl cyclase activity in membranes from rat seminal vesicle. GTP potentiated the stimulatory effect of VIP so that it was routinely included at 10 microM. The stimulation of adenylyl cyclase by VIP was time and temperature dependent. The response was linear with time up to 15 min at 30 degrees C.(More)
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