Maria Sjögren

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Cytosolic free calcium ([Ca2+]i) and fusion of secondary granules with the phagosomal membrane (phagosome-lysosome fusion, P-L fusion) were assessed in single adherent human neutrophils during phagocytosis of C3bi-opsonized yeast particles. Neutrophils were loaded with the fluorescent dye fura2/AM and [Ca2+]i was assessed by dual excitation(More)
Thyroid hormone (TH) deficiency during development causes severe and permanent neuronal damage, but the primary insult at the tissue level has remained unsolved. We have defined locomotor deficiencies in mice caused by a mutant thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 (TR alpha1) with potent aporeceptor activity attributable to reduced affinity to TH. This allowed(More)
The profound effects of thyroid hormone (TH) on heart development and function are mediated by the thyroid hormone receptors (TR) alpha(1) and beta(1). While numerous patients with TRbeta(1) mutations have been identified, patients with similar mutations in TRalpha(1) are yet to be discovered. Recently generated heterozygous mice with a dominant negative(More)
Thyroid hormone, via its nuclear receptors TRalpha and TRbeta, controls metabolism by acting locally in peripheral tissues and centrally by regulating sympathetic signaling. We have defined aporeceptor regulation of metabolism by using mice heterozygous for a mutant TRalpha1 with low affinity to T3. The animals were hypermetabolic, showing strongly reduced(More)
Artemisinin-based combinations currently recommended for treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in many countries of sub-Saharan Africa are substrates of CYP enzymes. The cytochrome enzyme system is responsible for metabolism of about 80-90% of clinically used drugs. It is, therefore, important to obtain the pharmacogenetics of the(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1-based lentivirus vectors containing the green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene were used to transduce murine Lin(-) c-kit(+) Sca1(+) primitive hematopoietic progenitor cells. Following transduction, the cells were plated into hematopoietic progenitor cell assays in methylcellulose and the colonies were scored for GFP(More)
Karin Wallis,1* Maria Sjögren,1* Max van Hogerlinden,1 Gilad Silberberg,2 André Fisahn,2 Kristina Nordström,1 Lars Larsson,4 Håkan Westerblad,3 Gabriela Morreale de Escobar,5 Oleg Shupliakov,2 and Björn Vennström1 Departments of 1Cell and Molecular Biology, 2Neuroscience, and 3Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, SE-171 77 Stockholm, Sweden,(More)
In this study, a significant increase by 50% in intracellular free calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) was observed in differentiated human neuroblastoma (SH-SY5Y) cells after exposure to 0.25microM of the fungal metabolite gliotoxin for 72h. Further, the involvement of caspases and calpains was demonstrated to underlie the gliotoxin-induced cytotoxic and(More)
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is important in central nervous system (CNS) development, and aberrant expression of PDGF and its receptors has been linked to developmental defects and brain tumorigenesis. We previously found that neural stem and progenitor cells in culture produce PDGF and respond to it by autocrine and/or paracrine signaling. We(More)
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