Maria Schneller

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During the last five years, we have observed four families in which siblings were affected with the congenital nephrotic syndrome (CN). Clinically, all patients, with one exception, could barely be differentiated from classical examples of CN of the Finnish Type (CNF). Morphologically, however, each family showed a different type of CN, although the(More)
Plant lectins can be potent modulators of vertebrate immune functions. Biochemical characterization of lectins from animal tissues enables the determination of whether these endogenous activities display a comparable immunological potency. Focusing on chicken beta-galactoside-binding lectins, the monomeric intestinal (CL-14) and the dimeric liver lectin(More)
It has been suggested that nitrosochloramphenicol (NOCAP), a possible metabolite of chloramphenicol (CAP), may be involved in CAP-induced aplastic anemia. We found that NOCAP was rapidly eliminated from human blood in vitro (more than 90% in less than 15 sec). Analysis of the different reactions showed that 5% of NOCAP was covalently bound to plasma(More)
The aging characteristics of various known mutations of Paramecium tetraurelia have been studied. Among the mutations which had been previously isolated on the basis of the inability of the cell to do exocytosis of its trichocysts, one group was identified which had clonal life spans which were indistinguishable from, or were somewhat shorter than, the life(More)
Analysis of cell surface glycosylation not only provides information about cell properties such as their state of differentiation or histogenetic lineage. The carbohydrate chains also provide potentially functional binding sites to endogenous carbohydrate-binding proteins. This interaction can elicit consequent signalling processes. Because of the(More)
To evaluate the relevance of muscle weight as a functional parameter of motor regeneration, the nerve-dependent muscle weights were measured and compared with the toe-spreading reflex and the muscle action potential in different designs of nerve conditioning of the peroneal nerve in New Zealand White rabbits. From 100 peroneal nerves in 50 rabbits, 60(More)
The two complementary mating types, O and E, of Paramecium tetraurelia are normally inherited cytoplasmically. This property has generally been interpreted to indicate the presence of cytoplasmic factors that determine macronuclear differentiation towards O or E. In these macronuclear-cytoplasmic interactions, the micronuclei were held to be unbiased and(More)
Fibrin glue has been applied universally in general surgery as an adhesive, hemostatic, or embolizing agent. In reconstructive surgery, fibrin has been used mainly for nerve and microvascular repair or as a substitute for sutures in skin closure and skin grafting. Another area of increasing use is in face-lift surgery, where the goal is to improve(More)
A highly effective method for the synthesis of neoglycoconjugates has been developed. The technique is based on two steps. First, a sulfhydryl group is introduced into the carbohydrate by reductive amination with cysteamine, and secondly the sulfhydryl group carrying carbohydrate is coupled to a protein or carrier via a disulfide bridge. The method was used(More)