Maria Schieffer

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In order to determine whether the primary use of a phosphodiesterase-III (PDE) inhibitor as monotherapy for severe cardiac low-output states (LOS) is in fact practicable, we investigated the haemodynamic effects of amrinone and enoximone in a prospective randomized study. After elective CABG, AVR, or MVR, patients with cardiac LOS were given amrinone (n =(More)
To improve the possibilities to delimitate the time of death after longer laytime, it was examined if this is possible by immunohistochemical insulin detection. The results show that in our examination material, the pancreatic beta-cells of up to 12-day-old corpses produce a positive immunoreaction towards insulin in all cases, whereas none of the corpses(More)
To develop a method of detecting methadone in the human brain by immunohistochemistry, brain tissue of frontal cortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, basal ganglions and brain stem from victims of a lethal methadone overdose was examined. The staining was performed with a monoclonal anti-methadone antibody from the mouse, originally developed for immunochemichal(More)
Two autopsy cases of an elderly couple who died on the same day will be used to underline the importance of immunohistochemistry of forensic practice. At first unexplainable injection marks on the upper arms of the corpses and the possibility of a closely related physician injecting insulin and certifying a natural death made it important, considering(More)
To improve the possibilities to delimit the time of death after longer laytime it was examined if this is possible by immunohistochemical detection of thyroglobulin. The results show that in our examination material the colloid and the follicular cells of the thyroid glands of up to 5-day-old corpses produce a positive immunoreaction towards thyroglobulin(More)
Longstanding quantitative or qualitative under-supply of nutrition leads to weight loss and, in children, to stagnation of growth and thus to stunted growth. A comparison of the expected growth, according to percentile growth curves, with the actual body size, gives an indication as to the period of time in which malnutrition took place. The moment in which(More)
We examined 20 patients undergoing coronary bypass grafting for coronary artery disease with NYHA classifications of II and III who had been treated with beta-blocking agents. Patients were randomised for administration of either adrenaline (0.1 microgram/kg/min) or amrinone (bolus 1 mg/kg, continuous infusion of 5-10 micrograms/kg/min), if following(More)
Injection of illicit drugs is an important risk factor for acquiring parenterally transmitted viral infections. To investigate the prevalence of viral mono- and co-infections in intravenous drug uses (IDUs) postmortem and to evaluate the risk of potential infection to personnel involved in medicolegal practice a total number of 59 known IDUs were tested(More)
OBJECTIVE Cardiovascular effects of four commonly used non-depolarising muscle relaxants and their ability to increase histamine plasma concentrations were studied in patients scheduled for coronary artery bypass grafting. METHODS 40 patients were included in the study after informed consent. After premedication with Flunitrazepam (2 mg p.o.) on the(More)
Intraoperative testing with several fibrillation/defibrillation episodes (FDEs) is routinely performed during defibrillator implantation. Testing is considered safe even in patients with severe cardiac impairment, provided the recovery timespans and number of FDEs are adapted to the individual patient. Myocardial lactate extraction (MLE) was examined in two(More)