Maria Sandgren

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OBJECTIVE To describe the reliability of an instrument (Neuro- Flexor) designed to be used in the clinic for quantification of the relative contribution of spasticity, elasticity and viscosity to resistance during passive wrist movements. DESIGN A test-retest and inter-rater reliability study. SUBJECTS A convenience sample of 34 adults with chronic(More)
The occorrence of potato mop-top virus (PMTV) was assessed by two different soil sampling methods. PMTV was prevalent in southwestern Sweden but was not detected in the northern part of the country. In storage trials more symptoms developed in tubers kept at 9°C than 4 °C. irrespective of the cultivar. Cutting the tubers enhanced post storage symptom(More)
In trials with potato tubers infected with tobacco rattle virus (TRV), symptoms of spraing in cvs Bellona, King Edward, Maris Bard, Matilda, Sv 82146 and Sv 82149 increased during storage when the tubers were cut. Storage of intact tubers at a constant temperature of 9°C or at fluctuating temperatures (2 weeks at 18°C, 2 weeks at 9°C and 2 weeks at 18°C)(More)
This study examines in detail the psychological variables underlying ideological political orientation, and structure and contents of this orientation, in Sweden and Latvia. Individual political orientation is conceptualized on two dimensions: acceptance vs. rejection of social change and acceptance vs. rejection of inequality. Swedish (N = 320) and Latvian(More)
This study explored the possible beneficial effects of singing on well-being during a singing lesson. Eight amateur (2m, 6f, age 28-53 yrs) and eight professional (4m, 4f, age 26-49 yrs) singers who had been attending singing lessons for at least six months were included. Continuous ECG was recorded and computerized spectral analysis was performed. Serum(More)
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