Maria Sameiro Carvalho

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Domperidone is a prokinetic agent used as a second-line treatment option for gastroparesis in those unable to tolerate metoclopramide. Via inhibition of dopamine-2 receptors within the gastrointestinal tract and various parts of the central and peripheral nervous system, domperidone helps to facilitate peristalsis and gastric emptying. A major side effect(More)
In recent years, many important real-world applications are studied as ‘‘rich’’ vehicle routing problems that are variants and generalizations of the well-known vehicle routing problem. In this paper we address the pickup-and-delivery version of this problem and consider further generalization by allowing transshipment in the network. Moreover, we allow(More)
We present here the zero curvature formulation for a wide class of field theory models. This formalism, which relies on the existence of an operator δ which decomposes the exterior space-time derivative as a BRS commutator, turns out to be particularly useful in order to solve the Wess-Zumino consistency condition. The examples of the topological theories(More)
We present conditions on families of diffeomorphisms that guarantee statistical stability and SRB entropy continuity. They rely on the existence of horseshoe-like sets with infinitely many branches and variable return times. As an application we consider the family of Hénon maps within the set of Benedicks-Carleson parameters.
Rural areas are becoming more desert from day to day, leading to complex dispersed and scarce demand patterns for public transport. As a consequence, conventional transport services are becoming less frequent, reducing levels of service (e.g., low occupancy rates, usage of old vehicles). With rigid predefined routes and schedules, they are inappropriate to(More)
An adult diabetic male with three toes amputated on his right foot presented with an ulcer infection on his left foot, unresponsive to conventional antifungal oral medication for over two months. The ulcerated foot wound had a large impairment on the patient's quality of life, as determined by the Wound-QoL questionnaire. The compounding pharmacist(More)