Maria S Pesentseva

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A complex of the enzymes from the liver of the marine mollusk Littorina kurila that hydrolyzes laminaran was investigated. Two (1-->3)-beta-d-glucanases (G-I and G-II) were isolated. The molecular mass of G-I as estimated by gel-permeation chromatography and SDS-PAGE analysis was 32 and 40kDa, respectively. The G-II molecular mass according to SDS-PAGE(More)
An aryl sulfatase of unusual specificity has been isolated from the liver of marine mollusk Littorina kurila. It hydrolyzes p-nitrophenyl sulfate, does not affect the natural fucoidan, and catalyzes splitting off of the sulfate group in position C4 of xylose residues within the carbohydrate chains of holostane triterpene glycosides from sea cucumbers. The(More)
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