Maria S. Chorti

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CONTEXT Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are becoming increasingly popular yet their effects on health remain unknown. OBJECTIVE To conduct the first comprehensive and standardized assessment of the acute impact of active and passive e-cigarette smoking on serum cotinine and lung function, as compared to active and passive tobacco cigarette smoking.(More)
Carcinoids are the most common tumours of the appendix. These tumours show prevalence in white children. The clinical presentation of the appendiceal carcinoids is similar to that of acute appendicitis, although in many cases the tumour is diagnosed incidentally during an operation. The diagnosis should be confirmed histologically. The prognosis in patients(More)
Breast metastasis from extra-mammary malignancy is rare. Based on the literature an incidence of 0.4-1.3% is reported. The primary malignancies most commonly metastasizing to the breast are leukemia-lymphoma, and malignant melanoma. We present a case of metastasis to the breast from a pulmonary adenocarcinoma, with extensive micropapillary component,(More)
BACKGROUND Cycloxygenase (COX)-2 has been associated with proliferation, apoptosis and angiogenesis in urothelial cancer. The prognostic significance of COX-2 in patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy for urothelial cancer was examined. PATIENTS AND METHODS Expression of COX-2, p53, ki67, beta-catenin, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and(More)
OBJECTIVES Many patients with reflux disease present with atypical symptoms (globus pharyngeus, constant throat clearing, chronic cough, hoarseness, catarrh, dysphagia, halitosis, choking episodes, or asthma-like symptoms) due to laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR). Because such patients can be easily misdiagnosed, doctors in primary care should be aware of LPR(More)
OBJECTIVES To study retrospectively CA 125, CD44, and epithelial membrane antigen (EMA) expression in renal cell carcinoma and their role as prognostic factors. CD44 is a cell adhesion molecule, and CA 125 and EMA are tumor-associated antigens used in the diagnosis and monitoring of the outcome and response to treatment of various human malignancies. Their(More)
Acute appendicitis is the most common cause of the right lower quadrant acute abdominal pain in children. Some other conditions including cecal epiploica appendix torsion, can simulate acute abdomen. Epiploica appendix torsion usually occurs in the sigmoid colon and rarely in the cecum of adult males. In children, this entity is extremely rare and may(More)
A 24-year-old man presented with a 3-year history of irritative symptoms during voiding together with left testicular discomfort, left lumbar and inguinal mild pain. The symptoms deteriorate during last three months and the patient noted “white urine” at the end of voiding. CT showed a cystic lobular lesion on the left side of the bladder 8×6×2 cm (Figure(More)
The World Health Organisation called for research assessing the safety of electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). We evaluated the acute effect of active and passive e-cigarette and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood count (CBC) markers in 15 smokers and 15 never-smokers, respectively. Smokers underwent a control session, an active tobacco cigarette(More)
Homer's Iliad is considered to be a prominent and representative work of the tradition of the ancient Greek epic poetry. In this poem Homer presents the battles which took place during the last year of the 10-year lasting Trojan War between Achaeans and Trojans. We wanted to examine the chest wounds, especially those which are described in detail, according(More)