Maria Rosa van Broock

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Fifteen aquatic environments (lakes, lagoons and rivers) of glacial origin in the northern Andean Patagonia (Argentina) were surveyed for the occurrence of red yeasts. Subsurface water samples were filtered and used for colony counting and yeast isolation. A preliminary quantitative analysis indicated that total yeast counts ranged between 0 and 250 cells(More)
The red yeastRhodotorula mucilaginosa strain CRUB 0138 (previously identified asR. lactosa) was isolated from a high-altitude Patagonian Lake Toncek (1700 m a.s.l.), and assigned withmucilaginosa species. Its biochemical, physiological and molecular features were assessed and compared toR. mucilaginosa PYCC 5166 type strain using a polyphasic approach; in(More)
A novel population of the biotechnologically important yeast Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous, the sexual stage of Phaffia rhodozyma, has been recently isolated for the first time in the southern Hemisphere (Patagonia, Argentina). The aim of the present work was to phenotypically and genotypically characterize two representative strains of this new population,(More)
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