Maria Rosa Pugliese

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The increasing demand for organs for transplantation entails a consensual need for enhancement of organ procurement activity. As organ donors reside mainly in hospital intensive care units (ICUs), the Donor Action programme is aimed at identifying critical areas in ICUs, in order to improve the first step of organ donation. The purpose of this paper is to(More)
CONTEXT The high demand for organs for transplantation necessitates enhancement of organ procurement activity worldwide. OBJECTIVE To detect critical areas in the organ donation process and to assess whether careful monitoring of deaths in each intensive care unit could improve rates of identification of brain death. DESIGN Records of patients who died(More)
UNLABELLED The role of hospital staff in the organ procurement process is crucial. Nevertheless, there is little literature about their attitudes toward donation. The Donor Action Hospital Attitude Survey (HAS) comprises a series of questions to assess hospital staff's attitudes, beliefs, and knowledge on organ donation and transplantation. Further analysis(More)
The reliability of abdominal ultrasound in screening liver and kidney donors was assessed by correlating ultrasound findings with the suitability of organs for transplantation as determined by direct examination of the organs. We evaluated 100 multiorgan donors (100 livers, 200 kidneys) during a 15-month period. Abdominal ultrasound showed the following(More)
The high demand for organs for transplantation has made it necessary to consider using even the oldest and youngest of potential donors in order to increase the organ supply. In this retrospective study, the outcome of kidney transplantation using cadaveric pediatric donors was compared with that of an adult control series. Graft procurement took place in(More)
The number of donations per million population (pmp) per year and the number of transplants pmp/year enables one to compare donation or transplant programs made in different years in the same area or made the same year in different areas. These pmp indexes may be integrated with an evaluation system by which each organ is evaluated separately in terms of(More)
Spain was the first European country adopting a strategy of organ procurement based on a specific health professional named transplant coordinator, who was first established in Catalunya in the middle eighties. In principle, the transplant coordinator is a doctor with hospital experience who is involved full time in organ procurement. The transplant(More)
Organ and tissue donation and transplantation have a role in public health programs as organizational projects designed by public health departments to increase the quality and number of donations and transplantations. These programs serve as communication projects to inform public opinion on cerebral death, organ and tissue shortages, procurement and(More)
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