Maria Rosa Fornasier

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Environmental monitoring and indoor radon measurement are important for public health, to estimate the cancer risk of respiratory system and, if necessary, to suggest proper methods that reduce indoor radon level. In this research, indoor radon concentration in the air has been measured in 150 apartments in Mashhad city. The result demonstrates about 94.7%(More)
BACKGROUND It is well known that the success of the radiomethabolic (131)I treatment of hyperthyroidism could depend on the absorbed dose to the thyroid. It is, thus, very important to calculate the individual radiation dose as accurately as possible for different masses of thyroid lobes. The aim of this work is to evaluate the influence of thyroid volume(More)
The recent large use of the Cyclone® Plus Storage Phosphor System, especially in European countries, as imaging system for quantification of radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals raised the problem of setting the periodic controls as required by European Legislation. We described simple, low-cost methods for Cyclone® Plus quality controls, which can(More)
This paper describes Monte Carlo simulation of intrinsic count rate performance of a scintillation gamma camera. MCNP Monte Carlo code was employed to calculate pulse height spectrum and detector efficiency. A custom code written in Fortran language was then developed to simulate, by Monte Carlo method, the distortion in pulse height spectrum due to the(More)
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