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In the last decade short interfering RNA (siRNA) became an important means for functional genomics and the development of gene-specific drugs. However, major technical hurdles in the application of siRNA include its cellular delivery followed by its intracellular trafficking and its release in order to enter the RNA interference (RNAi) machinery. The novel(More)
The phosphorothioate(PS)-stimulated cellular uptake of naked short interfering RNA (siRNA) into mammalian cells indicates a promising new mechanistic strategy because it makes use of a caveosomal, rather than an endosomal pathway, which is used by the majority of known delivery systems. This PS-stimulated mode delivers large amounts of siRNA primarily into(More)
The V-ATPase is a proton pump consisting of a membrane-integral V0 sector and a peripheral V1 sector, which carries the ATPase activity. In vitro studies of yeast vacuole fusion and evidence from worms, flies, zebrafish and mice suggested that V0 interacts with the SNARE machinery for membrane fusion, that it promotes the induction of hemifusion and that(More)
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