Maria Romero Guzmán

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Hfq is a nucleic acid-binding protein that functions as a global regulator of gene expression by virtue of its interactions with several small, non-coding RNA species. Originally identified as an Escherichia coli host factor required for RNA phage Qbeta replication, Hfq is now known to post-transcriptionally regulate bacterial gene expression by modulating(More)
A series of G-rich oligonucleotides able to form tetraplexes has been studied by FTIR spectroscopy. Characteristic markers of the formation of guanine tetrads are given. Moreover, we propose a new marker discriminating between parallel and antiparallel tetraplexes: the position of the C6O6 guanine carbonyl stretching vibration. In intermolecular parallel(More)
We have studied by gravimetric measurements and FTIR spectroscopy the hydration of duplexes and triplexes formed by combinations of dA(n), dT(n), rA(n), and rU(n) strands. Results obtained on hydrated films show important differences in their hydration and in the structural transitions which can be induced by varying the water content of the samples. The(More)
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