Maria Rita Moneta

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The results in twenty-four patients who had had a supracondylar osteotomy of the humerus to correct post-traumatic cubitus varus were reviewed after the patients had completed skeletal growth. The average age of the patients was 7.9 years at operation and thirty-one years at the time of follow-up. The average duration of follow-up was twenty-three years.(More)
The authors report eight cases of tarsal tunnel syndrome, pointing out the difficulty of a differential diagnosis and the possibility of a complete restoration to normality by surgery in those cases which were resistant to local conservative treatment. Tight laciniate ligament, varices, exostosis, and adhesions were noted as the causative factors.
AIM The management of pseudarthrosis remains a challenge. Several in vivo animal and controlled clinical studies have demonstrated that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound can influence fracture healing. METHODS A prospective longitudinal design was used. Fifteen patients (12 males and 3 females; mean age 35.5+/-12.9, range 18 to 60), all amateur athletes,(More)
We report a case of complex traumatic hand fracture successfully treated with low-intensity ultrasound in an elite soccer goalkeeper. A single 20-min daily application of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (frequency, 1.5 Mhz; intensity, 30 mW/cm2) provided by Exogen's Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing System was administered for 24 days on end. Plain(More)
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