Maria Riccio

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The paper proposes a new algorithm for the estimation of orientation of MARG (Magnetic, Angular Rate and Gravity) units, capable of compensating the influence of short-duration magnetic disturbances on the magnetometer, with application in motion tracking for rehabilitation. The proposed algorithm has been designed starting from a widely used low-complexity(More)
In this paper we describe a novel temperature mapping system based on a standard infrared camera with 50 Hz frame rate for the measurement of ultrafast temperature transients which, in principle, demand for a much faster acquisition rate. In particular, we base our system on the widely used equivalent time sampling concept which can be adapted to the(More)
This paper presents the experimental comparison of data fusion algorithms for human motion tracking in rehabilitation, using Inertial Measurement Units. Three algorithms for orientation estimation, taken from the scientific literature in the field, have been selected and their capability of accurately tracking the angle of a selected joint has been(More)
This study investigates the usability of the smartphone camera for the evaluation of arterial blood oxygenation (SpO<sub>2</sub>%). The advantage of this solution derives from the pervasiveness of the smartphone that makes available the evaluation of the SpO<sub>2</sub>% everywhere. Differently from the pulse oximeter, which uses well-defined wavelength(More)
The paper presents the e-learning project and the work until now developed for extending the features of the Italian remote laboratory "G. Savastano" to the academic circles of East Europe, Western Balkan and Mediterranean area. In particular, in the framework of the project "Italian-Croatian remote laboratory distributed on geographic network", the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Health impairment due to alcohol use and abuse is well known, in terms of relationship with traffic accidents and work accidents. In Italy almost 10 per cent of accidents at work involve intoxicated people injuring themselves and innocent victims. Alcohol abuse is a factor involved in determining severe accidents in the(More)