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Gender, Politics, and Radioactivity Research in Interwar Vienna
This essay explores the significance of political and ideological context as well as experimental culture for the participation of women in radioactivity research. It argues that the politics of RedExpand
The women radium dial painters as experimental subjects (1920–1990) or what counts as human experimentation
The case of women radium dial painters — women who tipped their brushes while painting the dials of watches and instruments with radioactive paint — has been extensively discussed in the medical andExpand
The city as a context for scientific activity: creating the Mediziner-Viertel in fin-de-siècle Vienna.
At the turn of the 19th century, a surprisingly dense network of academic institutes and medical facilities developed on the margins of Ringstrasse, the impressive boulevard that surrounded the oldExpand
The U.S. Radium Industry: Industrial In-house Research and the Commercialization of Science
A fierce debate ensued after the announcement in 1913 in the U.S.A. that all rights and ownership of radium-bearing ores found on public land would be reserved by the government. At stake was theExpand
Packaging Radium, Selling Science: Boxes, Bottles and Other Mundane Things in the World of Science
Summary This article discusses the intersection of science and culture in the marketplace and explores the ways in which radium quack and medicinal products were packaged and labelled in the earlyExpand
Designing (for) a new scientific discipline: the location and architecture of the Institut für Radiumforschung in early twentieth-century Vienna
This essay explores how Viennese physicists who specialized in radioactivity research embodied visions of their new discipline in material terms, through the architectural design and the urbanExpand
Analogies that shape the recent history of radiation
Philosophers of science and science and technology studies scholars have argued extensively over the years that analogies and metaphors are central to scientific thought, discourse and practices;Expand
Finding science in surprising places : gender and the geography of scientific knowledge - Introduction to 'Beyond the academy : histories of gender and knowledge'
The essays in this special issue of Centaurus examine overlooked agents and sites of knowledge production beyond the academy and venues of industry- and government-sponsored research. By using genderExpand
Berta Karlik (1904-1990)