Maria Rekouts

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We address the problem of efficient support for active rules in XML database systems. We describe a general form of active rules for XML based on XQuery and a previously defined update language and present our method to support these rules. The method consists in active rules processing along with the execution of an update statement. The method efficiency(More)
While specification languages for integrity constraints for XML data have been considered in the literature, actual technologies and methodologies for checking and maintaining integrity are still in their infancy. Triggers, or active rules, which are widely used in previous technologies for the purpose are still rather untested in XML databases. We present(More)
As XML becomes ubiquitous, there are a growing number of applications that utilize it. Most of such applications working with some kinds of XML storages, in particular with Native XML Databases, need to perform navigation over XML data retrieved from the database. The Application Programming Interface with efficient navigational facilities, that XML DBMS(More)
The XQuery Update Facility has been published by the World Wide Web Consortium as a working draft. Among other features, the working draft presents a novel powerful transform expression. A transform expression creates a new modified copy of an XML subtree, where the modifications are specified as update operations. In this paper we investigate the use of(More)
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