Maria R. Thompson

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The influence of local static magnetic field inhomogeneities on gradient-echo imaging is discussed and the underlying theoretical aspects are reviewed. A high-resolution approach is suggested to suppress image distortion and restore signal loss due to spin dephasing. Acquisition of three-dimensional data sets not only overcomes part of the limitations(More)
An insertable head gradient coil with a maximum gradient amplitude of 45 mT/m and a rise time of 150 musec along all three major axes was used to collect high-spatial-resolution, single-shot, spin-echo, echo-planar, diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images with b values ranging from 0 to 2,200 sec/mm2. Improvements in spatial resolution allowed better(More)
Whether Color Rendering can be strategically modulated is an open question in the field of solid state lighting. An affirmative finding would bestow additional significant benefits to the use of solid state sources for general lighting applications. We report results of a pilot study that evaluates the perceptual impact of modulation of color rendering(More)
An affirmative finding as whether color rendering can be strategically modulated would present additional significant benefits to the use of light emitting diodes, LEDs, in general illumination. The intent of this research is to appraise the perception of changes in color rendering (CR) when these happen in people's surroundings, and verify our hypothesis(More)
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