Maria R. Lanzi

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The high cost, complexity and reliance on electricity, specialized equipment and supplies associated with conventional diagnostic methods limit the scope and sustainability of newborn screening for sickle cell disease (SCD) in sub-Saharan Africa and other resource-limited areas worldwide. Here we describe the development of a simple, low-cost, rapid,(More)
Measles (Rubeola), although considered eradicated in the United States, still causes periodic outbreaks. Vaccine refusal leads to vulnerable pockets of individuals who may become infected once the virus is imported from countries where it is endemic. In turn, these individuals may spread the virus to young infants and to other vulnerable individuals. Many(More)
The study we present is aimed at evaluating the efficacy of a child sexual abuse prevention program that involved children attending 4th and 5th grade in Milan's (Italy) elementary schools. The project involved 53 classes (10 of 4th, 43 of 5th grade) during school year 2000-2001. Children filled a questionnaire before the beginning of the project and two(More)
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