Maria R Fernández-Santos

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Efforts to test sex ratio theory have focused mostly on females. However, when males possess traits that could enhance the reproductive success of sons, males would also benefit from the manipulation of the offspring sex ratio. We tested the prediction that more-fertile red deer males produce more sons. Our findings reveal that male fertility is positively(More)
The existence of sperm subpopulations within the mammalian ejaculate has now been widely recognized. However, to the best of our knowledge, no data exist regarding the existence of sperm morphometric subpopulations within the ovine ejaculate. Computer assisted sperm morphometry analysis (ASMA) data and clustering methods were used in this study to identify(More)
BACKGROUND Sperm cryopreservation has become an indispensable tool in biology. Initially, studies were aimed towards the development of efficient freezing protocols in different species that would allow for an efficient storage of semen samples for long periods of time, ensuring its viability. Nowadays, it is widely known that an important individual(More)
The aim of this study was to assess two models of sperm collection on the quality and fertility of thawed spermatozoa from Black Manchega rams, a threatened breed. Sperm samples were collected by electroejaculation and postmortem from each male. Samples were diluted with Biladyl and frozen. Motility (subjective and objective by means of computer-assisted(More)
The spermatozoon is the most diverse cell type known and this diversity is considered to reflect differences in sperm function. How the diversity in sperm morphology arose during speciation and what role the different specializations play in sperm function, however, remain incompletely characterized. This work reviews the hypotheses proposed to explain(More)
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