Maria Pouliopoulou

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The Hellenic Open University has embarked on a large-scale effort to enhance its textbook-based material with content that demonstrably supports the basic tenets of distance learning. The challenge is to set up a framework that allows for the production-level creation, distribution and consumption of content, and at the same time, evaluate the effort in(More)
Distance learning institutions need to find a way to transplant the benefits of conventional tutoring practices into the development of digital content that is conducive to students’ learning needs. Therein lie two great challenges: promote real distance learning effectively and, at the same time, try to accommodate the ability of humans to learn via(More)
A network represented as a graph, can be transformed to a sparser graph, if a threshold is applied to the relationship between its objects. The threshold can be used as an upper or lower limit or define a range based on which we can exclude connections from the graph, thus resulting to different views of a graph. We examine for various values of the(More)
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