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This paper continues our research on the identification and estimation of statistical func-tionals when the sampling process produces incomplete data due to missing observations or interval measurement of variables. Incomplete data usually cause population parameters of interest in applications to be unidentified except under untestable and often(More)
Three hypotheses about the nature of federal tax arrears in Russia in the second half of the '90s are tested empirically. Tax arrears can be a result of: 1) liquidity problems in firms, 2) federal implicit subsidies, or 3) regional political resistance to federal tax collectors. Liquidity problems do not explain federal tax arrears: higher arrears were(More)
The phenetic variability (types of life strategy, age and sex structure of population, biological peculiarities), the anthropogenic pressure, and the genetic diversity were studied by five microsatellite loci for several minor populations of brown trout Salmo trutta inhabiting the waterbodies of Velikaya Salma Strait watershed area (Kandalaksha Bay, the(More)
Fecundity and mass of egg, as well as survival of offspring, of hatchery-reared small (less than 406 g) females of Atlantic salmon are determined. The absolute fecundity and mass of egg of artificially reared fish are sufficiently less than that of anadromous spawners. Small females are characterized by delayed spawning; histological analysis has(More)
Parametric mixture models are commonly used in applied work, especially empirical economics, where these models are commonly used to learn for example about the proportions of various types in a given population. It is well known that likelihood inference in these mixture models is complicated due to 1) lack of point identification, and 2) parameters (like(More)
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