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This paper continues our research on the identification and estimation of statistical func-tionals when the sampling process produces incomplete data due to missing observations or interval measurement of variables. Incomplete data usually cause population parameters of interest in applications to be unidentified except under untestable and often(More)
The polymorphism of mtDNA was examined in populations of Old Believers (n = 104) and Russians from Novosibirsk oblast (n = 270). Most of the haplogroups identified belonged to West Eurasian lineages. The frequencies of these haplogroups constituted 96.6% in Russians from Novosibirsk and 93.2% in Old Believers from Tyumen oblast. The populations examined(More)
Three hypotheses about the nature of federal tax arrears in Russia in the second half of the '90s are tested empirically. Tax arrears can be a result of: 1) liquidity problems in firms, 2) federal implicit subsidies, or 3) regional political resistance to federal tax collectors. Liquidity problems do not explain federal tax arrears: higher arrears were(More)
The article discusses various aspects of the regional (the European Union) and national (European countries) regulation related to food supplements. The use of botanicals and minor bioactive substances in food supplements, and their labelling are studied. The EU principle of mutual recognition is described in the context of current challenges that exist in(More)
Parametric mixture models are commonly used in applied work, especially empirical economics, where these models are commonly used to learn for example about the proportions of various types in a given population. It is well known that likelihood inference in these mixture models is complicated due to 1) lack of point identification, and 2) parameters (like(More)
The article discusses aspects of the regional (the European Union) and national (European countries) regulation of food supplements. The definition of the supplement category is given. The contemporary issues of nutrition in developed countries are discussed, and the essential role of food supplements in the diet is emphasized. In particular, the use of(More)
Old Believers of the Tyumen oblast have been studied compared with a control sample of Russian residents of the city of Novosibirsk. The former are a unique subpopulation, which has been relatively isolated from the rest of Russians in central and northern regions of Russia due to religious reasons since the middle of the 17th century. Polymorphisms in the(More)
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