Maria Polikarpova

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A high power density integrated non-overlapping concentrated tooth winding synchronous machine with embedded permanent magnets for a hydraulic motor-pump is designed. Direct liquid cooling with the working fluid itself is implemented. Aspects of immersing the motor into hydraulic oil for cooling purposes are discussed. FEM modelling of PM eddy-current(More)
These Interior permanent magnet machines using integral slot windings or non-overlapping concentrated windings are designed for traction applications. Four direct drive traction motors are analyzed: two 25 kW motors and two 100 kW motors at rated speed of 1000 min-1. Analytical computations are verified by finite element analysis utilizing Cedrat's Flux2D.(More)
This paper investigates the effectiveness of direct oil cooling of a PMSM by modeling flows of coolant inside the machine using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Conjugated fluid-solid heat transfer modeling with anisotropic conductivity coefficients in solids and turbulent fluid flow was performed. The detailed flow modeling allows precise(More)
– Wind power is experiencing steady growth, and wind turbine technologies are continually developing. Currently, power ratings of up to 20 MW are being considered for future wind farms. Offshore applications, which call for the largest and most powerful wind turbines, demand a higher standard of reliability and maintainability. Because they offer better(More)
The design process for a permanent magnet (PM) AC traction motor is analyzed here taking both electromagnetic design and mechanical design aspects into account. The traction motor was designed for tooth coil windings. It has embedded permanent magnets for easy manufacture and to satisfy electromagnetic performance requirements. Key mechanical design aspects(More)
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