Maria Placentino

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The Piwi-piRNA pathway represents a germline-specific transposon-defense system. C. elegans Piwi, prg-1, is a non-essential gene and triggers a secondary RNAi response that depends on mutator genes, endo-siRNAs (22G-RNAs), and the 22G-RNA-binding Argonaute protein HRDE-1. Interestingly, silencing of PRG-1 targets can become PRG-1 independent. This state,(More)
PURPOSE This study was aimed to the development of an integrated approach for the characterization of particulate matter (PM) pollution events in the South of Italy. METHODS PM(10) and PM(2.5) daily samples were collected from June to November 2008 at an urban background site located in Bari (Puglia Region, South of Italy). Meteorological data, particle(More)
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