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A study was made of cytopathological and cytogenetic effects of formaldehyde chronic inhalation, in doses 0.5 and 1.5 mg/m3, on the female rat's germ and marrow cells. The harmful effect of formaldehyde on germ cells (according to the patterns of early embryogenesis) is noted under the dose 1.5 mg/m3 only, while the reliable clastogenic and cytogenetic(More)
The rat oocytes extracted from the rat ovaries and cultivated for 42-46 hours were compared with ovulated oocytes by the chromosomal aberration rate. The chromosomal aberration rate in the population of "follicular" oocytes was 8.2% on the average whereas in ovulated oocytes, it did not exceed 1.8%. Analysis of the chromosomal aberrations depending on the(More)
A cytogenetic analysis of human oocytes, after their removal from follicles and during extracorporeal maturation, has been performed. The heterogeneity of follicular oocytes according to the character of nuclear chromatin was established. It is probably related to the rate of reinitiation of meiosis in vivo and to the rate of atretic process. The dynamics(More)
The character of follicular oocyte maturation and the state of gametes in androgenized rats was studied after LH-RH stimulation. The induction of ovulation with LH-RH has been shown to increase the number of rats with nonovulatory follicules and reduce the number of oocytes maturing prior to the onset of metaphase II. After the induction of ovulation the(More)
The survival rate of Mycobacterium lacticolum and the proportion between its R, S and M variants were studied in the course of 12 months under different conditions of storage (freeze-drying, under vaseline oil, in 0.85% NaCl solution and in distilled water). A high survival rate of the variants was found in cells freeze-dried in a protective medium(More)