Maria Pietronilla Penna

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The domain of e-learning is still characterized by many open questions such as: who should guarantee its quality? E-learning quality assessment is a difficult task that involves human intervention and cannot be based only on an easy and reproducible methodology. In this regard this paper is devoted to discuss different approaches and criteria that could be(More)
The present study aims to explore the mechanisms underpinning forward and backward immediate serial recall in young (i.e., 20-30 years), old (i.e., 65-74 years), and very old (i.e., 75-84 years) adults. Participants had to retrieve verbal lists from forward and backward perspectives where position-item and item-item pairings were reiterated from the start(More)
Brain Dynamics seems to be the most actual approach to the brain responses to external stimuli. Even if Event Related Potentials can be detected, the EEG band power perturbation and the Phase Amplitude Coupling (PAC) seems to be the most appropriate way to assess such a brain dynamics. In this study 13 borderline subject with a child maltreatment history(More)
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