Maria Pietronilla Penna

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The purpose of this study was to examine the variables that are related to person-environment fit in Italian nurses, highlighting the role of supervisor support and organizational support in the relationship between nurses' perceptions of care adequacy, job satisfaction, and turnover intention. Therefore, 1240 nurses from three hospitals completed a(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to test a theoretical model linking the impact of expectations on commitment to change and to explore whether change-related communication is a mediating variable between leader-member exchange and expectations. BACKGROUND Expectations for change outcomes are an important condition to increase nurses' commitment to(More)
OBJECTIVES There is controversial evidence concerning the variables favoring depression in community-dwelling elderly individuals. This study mainly investigates the impact of lifestyle, residential environment, cognitive efficiency and social desirability in predicting self-assessed depressive signs in late adult span. METHOD One hundred forty-nine(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was mainly aimed at exploring the relationship between psychological well-being and lifestyle, religion, perceived physical health and social desirability of Italian elders. METHODS Four hundred and six cognitively healthy 65-99 years old participants were recruited from the Italian isle of Sardinia, where a high prevalence of(More)
We show that particular features of prosopagnosic impairment can be simulated by a connectionist model trained with an unsupervised learning procedure. In particular we describe a Kohonen's neural network which is able to correctly recognize and categorize a series of digitized pictures of faces when learning is characterized by certain parameter values,(More)
OBJECTIVES The research largely aimed at exploring the impact of marital status, cognitive efficiency, gender, physical health and sociocultural context on self-rated emotional competence, depression, memory and cognitive measures. METHOD Ninety-four healthy adults aged 75-99 were recruited in the Sardinian province of Ogliastra, where a collectivistic(More)
Several studies show that both positive mental health in late adulthood and longevity are positively associated with indices of psychological well-being (e.g., life satisfaction, coping) and negatively associated with signs of depression. However, the self-assessment of mental health in the elderly may be biased by social desirability as they attempt to(More)
The current study mainly aimed to investigate the impact of social desirability in predicting life satisfaction in cognitively healthy elderly people. One hundred and seventy-eight 65- to 99-year-old adults were recruited in Sardinia, an Italian Isle known for the longevity of its inhabitants, and were presented a battery of questionnaires assessing(More)
The domain of e-learning is still characterized by many open questions such as: who should guarantee its quality? E-learning quality assessment is a difficult task that involves human intervention and cannot be based only on an easy and reproducible methodology. In this regard this paper is devoted to discuss different approaches and criteria that could be(More)