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Castleman's disease belongs to a heterogeneous group of rare lymphoproliferative disorders of uncertain cause. A literature review yielded 31 cases of Castleman's disease with an abdominal localization. Retroperitoneal, mesenteric and pelvic sites have been reported and the diagnosis was incidental in almost all cases and detected at US, CT scan or MRI and(More)
The gallbladder volume has been evaluated in 22 normal volunteer subjects (12 men and 10 women) by the real time ultrasound B scanning, using the formula V = 1/6 abc (a = length; b = width, c = antero-posterior diameter). The fasting GB volume, the residual GB volume after Bronner's meal (every 15 min. for 90 min.) and the maximum emptying (%) were(More)
In paediatric age there may occur the various types of cystic renal tumor also of different clinical meaning; we can count among them shapes openly or potentially deadly, among which Wilms tumor cystic owing to haemorrhages and tumoral necrosis, congenital mesoblastic cystic nephroma, clear cell carcinoma, cystic, partially differentiated nephroblastoma(More)
In order to verify the influence of the adrenergic system on the gallbladder contraction the Authors studied the effect of isometeptene, a sympathomimetic drug active on beta receptors, on gallbladder emptying. The gallbladder was studied on 6 subjects using a real-time (linear array) equipment with a 3,5 MHz transducer. In fasting subjects the gallbladder(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Breast cancer patients exposed to doses of radiation after radiotherapy could develop toxicity to lung. Lung ultrasound (LUS) is able to detect interstitial lung disease by the evaluation of B-lines. The aim of our study was to assess the number of B-lines to diagnose lung involvement after chest radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
In focal kidney disease, contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) using 2nd generation contrast enhancement allows continuous dynamic assessment of the arterial, venous and late perfusion phases of the renal parenchyma, as well as of focal lesions. CEUS is particularly useful in cases of an uncertain diagnosis after the performance of unenhanced ultrasound (US)(More)
The investigation methods of gallbladder physiology in normal man are usually limited because often they are invasives and hazardous (radiations). The gallbladder size was accurately evaluated by US with study "in vitro". The variations in gallbladder-size measurements in the same observer and among many observers by US, demonstrate that Real-Time(More)
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