Maria Pia Cioni

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In rats, horseradish peroxidase crystals were injected in motor cortical foci functionally identified by means of the motor effects evoked by electrical stimulations. The location in the thalamus of the neurons linked to different motor cortical foci was studied. Thalamic neurons were retrogradely labeled in both "motor" (ventralis lateralis and ventralis(More)
We investigated the effects of the somatosensitive and sensory afferent inputs on the thalamic generators of sleep spindles (SS) in adult subjects affected by posterior funiculi lesions (five subjects), deafness (four subjects) or blindness (four subjects). The density, duration and frequency of SS, as well as the index of spindling, were analyzed during(More)
This study presents results obtained using section counting system to examine intact as well as lesioned structures in the rat S.N.C. This new approach consists in the utilization of a television camera projecting magnified brain sections directly on the computer monitor screen. Tridimensional reconstructions and rapid evaluations of volume, area and other(More)
The research was performed in order to study: 1) paleo and neocerebellar contributions in the sleep organization and 2) the electrical sleep activities at different time intervals during the functional compensation which follows the cerebellar lesion. Polygraphic sleep records (EEG, EMG, EOG) were performed on four subjects with surgical lesions more than 6(More)
The purpose of this research was to analyze the qualitative and quantitative EEG sleep alterations in four subjects affected by familiar cerebellar atrophy and in their blood relations, who were clinically healthy. Polygraphic sleep registrations (including EEG, EOG, EMG, ECG and except in two cases, EPG), computerized cranial tomography and clinical(More)
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