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This paper presents the results of preliminary experiments in order to obtain biologically active substances through biosynthesis, by using microorganisms isolated from various biotopes in Romania. The main research objective is defined by a bioprospecting study on some bacterial, yeast and fungi strains, aiming at the selection of those with(More)
S-a efectuat o examinare aprofundată a structurii varietăţilor polimorfe ale nitrurii de bor BN şi a mecanismelor tranziţiilor polimorfe de la structurile hibridizate sp la structurile hibridizate sp cu scopul de a explica pe baze cantitative modificarea dramatică a durităţii care face ca nitrura hexagonală de bor (grafitul alb) să fie un lubrifiant solid(More)
The calculation of the hardness of Mo and W disulfides using a crystallo-chemical model provides a unique opportunity to obtain separate quantitative information on the maximum hardness H(max) governed by strong intra-layer covalent bonds acting within the (0001) plane versus the minimum hardness H(min) governed by weak inter-layer van der Waals bonds(More)
Sexual harassment legal liability has been one of the momentous legal outcomes of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This seminal civil rights law in Title VII governing employment expressly prohibits discrimination based on sex (that is, gender). Two areas the courts have defined as sexual harassment have been quid pro quo (meaning “this for that”) and hostile(More)
Most of the plant diseases are caused by microorganisms. Among these, most often mentioned in the literature are bacteria and fungi. Diseases caused by phytopathogens like Erwinia carotovora and Xanthomonas campestris lead to lower production and quality, causing significant economic losses. In order to prevent the diseases can be used microbial antagonists(More)
Oxytetracycline delivery systems containing various MCM-type silica and aluminosilicate with different antibiotic content were developed in order to establish the influence of the support structural and textural properties and aluminum content on the drug release profile. The antibiotic molecules were loaded into the support mesochannels by incipient(More)
As the amorphous aluminum alloys represent the newest achievement in rapid solidification of GI-based high strength heat resistent materials, a study was undertaken on the amorphous alloys in the A1-RE-TM system, the rare-earth metal being a lanthanide mixture and the transition metal a Ni-Fe substitution in definite proportions. The decomposition on(More)
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