Maria Paola Crisalli

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Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an acute or subacute peripheral polyneuropathy characterized by symmetrical muscle weakness. Its occurrence has been reported during acute HIV seroconversion since 1985. Among HIV-infected subjects, GBS has generally a favourable outcome. We report a case of GBS with fatal outcome during HIV seroconversion.
A partial trisomy 13q, originating from a maternal translocation, 46,XX,t(3;13) (p26;q22), occurred in a 3-month-old infant, affected by multiple congenital anomalies. A review of the previously reported cases of partial trisomy for the distal segment of the long arm of chromosome 13 is conclusive for the existence of a distinct clinical entity; however, it(More)
We report on the occurrence of an uncommon pathogen, Rhodococcus equi (R.e.) in HIV infection. In the period february 1990-July 1991 we performed the diagnosis of R.e. infection (lung, lung-central nervous system) in two infected patients, aged 27 and 31 years, both males, drug addicts, classified as CDC IV. In the first of them an cavitating right(More)
BACKGROUND The quality of life of the HIV-infected population in developed countries has substantially improved over the years. Accordingly, the clinical limitations in the surgical treatment of the HIV-infected patients are becoming fewer, and the number of HIV-infected patients undergoing surgical interventions of all types is increasing. However,(More)