Maria Palmira Daflon Gremião

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Formulations containing poloxamer 407 (P407), carbopol 934P (C934P), and propolis extract (PE) were designed for the treatment of periodontal disease. Gelation temperature, in vitro drug release,(More)
Mononuclear (macrophages) and polymorphonuclear leucocytes cells play an important role in the immunopathogenesis of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Zidovudine is a broad-spectrum drug used in(More)
Praziquantel (PZQ) is effective against all known species of Schistosomes that infect humans. The failure of mass treatment of schistosomiasis has been attributed to the fact that therapy is not(More)
The use of the nasal route for drug delivery has attracted much interest in recent years in the pharmaceutical field. Local and principally systemic drug delivery can be achieved by this route of(More)
OBJECTIVES Zidovudine is the antiretroviral drug most frequently used for the treatment of AIDS. Although its effectiveness is recognized, it undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism and exhibits(More)