Maria Pajzderska

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We report the observation of two conformational states of closed RCs from Rhodobacter sphaeroides characterized by different P(+)H(A)(-) --> PH(A) charge recombination lifetimes, one of which is of(More)
The temperature dependence of charge recombination of the pair P(+)HA(-) in isolated reaction centers from the purple bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides with prereduced quinone QA was studied by(More)
The kinetics of recombination of the P(+)H(A)(-) radical pair were compared in wild-type reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides and in seven mutants in which the free energy gap, ΔG, between(More)
Global analysis of a set of room temperature transient absorption spectra of Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction centers, recorded in wide temporal and spectral ranges and triggered by femtosecond(More)
Time-resolved spectroscopic studies of recombination of the P(+)HA(-) radical pair in photosynthetic reaction centers (RCs) from Rhodobacter sphaeroides give an opportunity to study protein dynamics(More)
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