Maria P. Tzamtzi

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A heuristic control design scheme is proposed for multivariable nonlinear processes. The control design problem is considered to be formulated as an optimization under constraints problem. Actuator, state and/or output variable constraints may be considered. The proposed heuristic control design scheme is based on a metaheuristic search algorithm, that(More)
Assuming that a multivariable nonlinear process can be satisfactorily approximated by a set of switching multi input - multi output linear systems, derived through identification around a sufficiently dense set of nominal trim points, a multivariable step-wise safe switching technique is proposed. On the basis of this technique a variety of problems coming(More)
A control design scheme is proposed for sloshing suppression during liquid transfer using robotic manipulators. The container of the liquid is transferred by an articulated manipulator. The motion of the liquid is approximated using the well-known pendulum-type model. The proposed control scheme combines a partial inverse dynamics controller with a PID(More)
Iterative Feedback Tuning (IFT) Safe Switching Algorithm is extended for the case of multivariable nonlinear systems with unknown descriptions. The proposed scheme incorporates multivariable IFT techniques, with a multivariable step-wise safe switching algorithm. Using the IFT algorithm for tuning safe switching controllers eliminates the need for(More)
Finite precision dynamic output feedback controllers are proposed for robust pole assignment of SISO linear systems with nonlinear uncertain structure. The realizability of the controller is guaranteed by designing an independent from the uncertainties controller. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the problem to have a solution, as well as the general(More)
The application of multivariable step-wise safe switching controllers (MSWSS) for climate control of a greenhouse is presented. The system of the greenhouse is described by a simplified model, incorporating heating and natural ventilation. The advantages of applying MSWSS on the greenhouse are presented and the performance of the algorithm is illustrated(More)
The present work contributes towards the development of a scheme for control of squeezing forces, which are exerted by cooperating manipulators on a carried load subject to holonomic constraints. The forces space is decomposed into moving forces, which cause the load's motion, and controllable forces, which can be controlled independently from the load's(More)
The design of dynamic output feedback controllers that achieve input/output (I/O) decoupling for 2-model plants is studied. Sufficient conditions, as well as analytic expressions for the controller matrices are derived. Furthermore, sufficient conditions for I/O decoupling with simultaneous internal stability are also derived. The performance of the(More)
The application of Simulation to manufacturing has contributed to a generation of tools that is focused on specific problem solving related to automation, planning, material flow, supply chain, logistics,etc. Nowadays, manufacturing has evolved and its needs have changed. After an analysis of the current manufacturing simulation tools, we propose an(More)