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The sera of 59 patients with Crohn's disease (CD) and of 46 patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) were tested for autoantibodies (Aab) by indirect immunofluorescence with modern histochemical techniques using 19 different human tissues as antigenic substrates. Control collectives consisted of 19 patients with coeliac disease and of 100 healthy subjects. It(More)
It was demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence that Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are serologically distinct. In 59 patients with Crohn's disease, confirmed by endoscopy and histology, 23 (39%) had serum autoantibodies against exocrine pancreas; in 17 (29%) the titre was 1 : 100 or higher. In 46 patients with confirmed ulcerative colitis(More)
The exocrine pancreatic secretion of water, bicarbonate, amylase, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and lipase and the plasma concentration of immunoreactive secretin (IRS) were studied before and after repeated intraduodenal infusions of cattle bile in man. After endoscopic cannulation of the main pancreatic duct, juice was collected in 5-min samples for 20 min. A(More)
The use of multivariate nonlinear discriminant analysis raised the rate of correct classification for 585 pancreatic function tests from 84 percent by the doctor to 93 percent by computer analysis. In addition to the "normal" and "pancreatic" disease groups, a group of 388 patients was found in whom secretion levels were neither normal nor typical of(More)
Covalently bonding multiple fluorine atom tags to the precursors of monoamines could provide compounds for functional imaging. Theoretically, the fluorine atoms can produce detectible signal if concentrated in vesicles inside neurons. Prior to committing more costly resources to the project, evidence was sought for uptake of the molecules into neurons in(More)
Fecal chymotrypsin (CT) activities were determined in 149 randomly collected fecal specimens of 80 patients in whom the pancreatic function had been tested by a secretin-cholecystokinin test. There was a significant correlation between fecal CT activities and outputs of trypsin (r = 0.3451, p less than 0.01) and amylase (r = 0.3285, p less than 0.01) in(More)
Pancreatic function tests were performed in 15 patients with advanced renal insufficiency. Pancreatic secretion was stimulated with CCK/PZ and secretin and 60 minutes later with bile given intraduodenally and CCK/PZ and secretin intravenously. The Wilcoxon-test showed that there were significantly higher lipase levels in serum and lower amylase amounts in(More)