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Coniothyrium zuluense causes a serious canker disease of Eucalyptus in various parts of the world. Very little is known regarding the taxonomy of this asexual fungus, which was provided with a name based solely on morphological characteristics. In this study we consider the phylogenetic position of C. zuluense using DNA-based techniques. Distance analysis(More)
Colletogloeopsis zuluensis, previously known as Coniothyrium zuluense, causes a serious stem canker disease on Eucalyptus spp. grown as non-natives in many tropical and sub-tropical countries. This stem canker disease was first reported from South Africa and it has subsequently been found on various species and hybrids of Eucalyptus in other African(More)
During a survey ofEucalyptus diseases in Ethiopia, a serious stem canker disease was discovered on E. camaldulensis trees at several localities in the south and south-western parts of the country. The disease was characterise d by the presence of discrete necrotic lesions, stem cankers, cracking of stems, production of kino pockets in the wood, as well as(More)
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