Maria Nicoletta Ballarin

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BACKGROUND Low-dose computed tomography (CT) has been found to detect more Stage IA lung cancer than chest x-ray. AIMS To investigate whether lung cancer screening with CT was effective and acceptable in former asbestos workers. METHODS CT scanning was carried out following the protocol previously described in the literature. A questionnaire was used to(More)
BACKGROUND Since previous studies have provided conflicting results, we investigated the relationship between the risk of benign asbestos-related diseases and different aspects of asbestos exposure in previous asbestos workers who underwent low-dose computed tomography (CT). METHODS CT scans were carried out in 772 subjects. A questionnaire was employed(More)
BACKGROUND Italian law requires an extensive health surveillance of workers after cessation of their employment status in the case of occupational exposure to carcinogens, including asbestos. Nonetheless, Italian law does not specify the timeframe of these clinical checks, nor who has financial and organizational responsibility for this surveillance. A(More)
To assess the validity of the procedure as a test of asbestos exposure, we compared urinary asbestos fibers with occupational and environmental exposure data in a random sample of 48 subjects with high past asbestos exposure. Occupational and environmental exposure was estimated on questionnaire, pleural plaques were diagnosed with computed tomography, and(More)
BACKGROUND Osteopontin (OPN) is a plasma protein/cytokine produced in excess in several malignancies. In a recent study OPN was reported as being related to the duration of asbestos exposure and presence of benign asbestos-related diseases; however, it was unclear whether this protein was an indicator of exposure or effect. METHODS In 193 workers, 50 with(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated the feasibility and costs of a screening programme with spiral CT for the early diagnosis of lung cancer among workers previously heavily exposed to asbestos. METHODS We invited 2000 workers, 1165 (58%) of whom accepted. Women and individuals with incomplete information were excluded; 1119 subjects (mean age, 57 years) entered the(More)
To ascertain whether the current risk of lung cancer in former asbestos workers was higher than in the general population, 1,557 past asbestos workers were recruited during statutory health examinations (from 2000 onward) and followed up for mortality. Standardized mortality ratios (SMRs) were calculated. Poisson regression was used to adjust the rate(More)
Title: Osteopontin, asbestos exposure and pleural plaques: a cross-sectional study Authors: Giuseppe Mastrangelo ( Gianluca Marangi ( Maria N Ballarin ( Silvia Michilin ( Aline SC Fabricio ( Flavio Valentini
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