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The Authors, after a review of the topic of thyroid cancer, focus on the epidemiology, aetiology and diagnosis of well-differentiated thyroid cancers. They then describe their own case series and their many years' experience in treating the patients affected by this pathology, which is generally regarded as having low malignancy. Nowadays the Authors(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the clinical value of the serum CA 125 level for diagnosing and determining the severity of endometriosis and pelvic pain associated with endometriosis. Eighty-six women who underwent operative laparoscopy were enrolled. Sixty-nine women with endometriosis and 17 without endometriosis participated in this study. In(More)
Chemodectomas are uncommon neoplasms, born by glomic cell of extra-adrenegic system. Usually, these neoplasms are benign and non functioning, but when they are more than 4 cm can induce a neuro-vascular compressive syndrome. In this study the Authors propose the guidelines for diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic management, of these tumors according to(More)
The authors, after reviewing parathyroid gland diseases, their location, and the modern strategies that can be used for their pre-operative detection, describe a case of primary hyperparathyroidism which recently came to their attention. The use of a combination of instrumental techniques (US, scintigraphy and SPEcT) enabled them to establish, prior to(More)
The Riedel's thyroiditis, also called "wood's thyroiditis", is a rare chronic "inflammatory" disease of unknown etiology, relatively frequent in female >45-50 years, characterized by a fibrotic process that pervades thyroid and neighbouring structures (vessels, muscles, oesophagus, trachea upper- mediastinum). The authors discuss about three cases of(More)
After a number of anatomical considerations regarding the thoracic duct and the diseases that may affect it, the authors report that, in the literature, such cystic lesions of an iatrogenic nature are extremely rare in the cervical area. After discussing the diagnostic methods for a correct preoperative diagnosis, they address the surgical technique they(More)
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