Maria Neus Altet Gómez

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OBJECTIVE To study symptomatic pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) diagnostic delay. PATIENTS AND METHODS Prospective study of new symptomatic PTB cases (aged > or = 15 years) by structured interview with the patients and their families. The main variables analyzed were patient's delay (PD), doctor's delay (DD), diagnostic process delay (DPD), health care system(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of tuberculosis (TBC) control is to eradicate the disease by interrupting transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The WHO's strategy to achieve global control of this disease is known as directly observed treatment, short-course (DOTS). The goals are to detect 70% of cases of bacilliferous TBC and to successfully treat 85% of(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the results and epidemiological impact on tuberculosis (TB) of directly observed therapy (DOT) for uncooperative patients. METHOD Retrospective study of the case histories of patients admitted to the DOT unit in Catalonia (Spain) since its March 1993 inauguration until August 1998. RESULTS Of a total of 470 patients, 102 were cared(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of tuberculous infection and disease in recent economic immigrants in Barcelona. SUBJECTS AND METHOD Examination and testing of immigrants. Tuberculin tests (TTs) were given and the presence of scars from tuberculosis vaccinations were noted. Thresholds of 5 and 15 mm were established for positivity in unvaccinated and(More)
Chemoprophylaxis against tuberculosis with isoniazid for 1 year is very useful, but patient compliance is very low. A controlled clinical trial was performed to evaluate the efficacy of three alternative health education strategies and to observe which of them improves compliance with antituberculosis chemoprophylaxis in healthy tuberculin-reactor children.(More)
UNLABELLED Tuberculous infection in adults is not a well known entity in our country, despite its epidemiological importance. We have designed an observational study in a homogeneous group of adult civil servants of Catalonia (n = 8,202) from 20 to 54 years old that were submitted to a health examination which included a tuberculin test, in order to study(More)
Possible toxic side-effects of antituberculous chemotherapy are studied in 718 children affected with pulmonary tuberculosis. 26 (3.62%) presented adverse side-effects and one drug had to be changed in 8 (1.11%). Treatment had to be stopped in one (0.13%) due to toxicity. Liver toxicity was specially studied, showing that younger age is a risk factor (p(More)
Antituberculous chemoprophylaxis with isoniazide during a period of one year is very useful although it is not readily accepted. A community trial is designed in order to test if three health education interventions increase patients compliance with such treatment in case of tuberculin positive children who are not ill. The two interventions performed by(More)
This article analyzes the concept of inactive fibrotic lesions of presumed tuberculous origin (old healed tuberculosis), defined by radiological characteristics and a positive tuberculin skin test (TST), and we examine the evidence-based foundation for the indication of treatment of latent tuberculosis infection in these cases. We explore the risk of(More)