Maria N. Danilova

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Mild photooxidative stress combined with water deficit affected the expression of genes of cytokinin (CK) signal transduction. According to qRT-PCR data, these stress factors suppressed the expression of CK receptor genes AHK2 and AHK3 and the ARR5 response regulator gene, and slightly activated the expression of AHK4 gene. The absence of AHK2 and AHK3(More)
Using mutant plants of Arabidopsis thaliana, participation of the genes involved in abscisic acid (ABA) and cytokinins (CKs) metabolism and signaling in plant defense responses to heat shock (HS) was investigated. The magnitude of the stress action was assessed with biochemical indicators, such as accumulation of proline and malonic dialdehyde (MDA) and(More)
Determination of physiologically active cytokinins in transformed Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. plants (ecotype Wassilevskija) by means of the ARR5::GUS gene expression analysis and by the immunohistochemical assay demonstrated an increase of the cytokinin content during leaf growth and its decrease after growth cessation. After leaf growth cessation(More)
Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants carrying the GUS reporter gene fused to the promoter of the gene of primary response to cytokinins (CKs), ARR5, were used to estimate the influence of several brassinosteroids (BRs): brassinolide (BL), epibrassinolide (EBL), homobrassinolide (HBL), and 6-o-carboxymethyloxohomocastasterone (CHC) on the expression of CK(More)
Cytokinin membrane receptors of the Arabidopsis thaliana AHK2 and AHK3 play opposite roles in the expression of plastid genes and genes for the plastid transcriptional machinery during leaf senescence Loss-of-function mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana were used to study the role of cytokinin receptors in the expression of chloroplast genes during leaf(More)
Analysis by real-time PCR of single and double insertion mutants of A. thaliana with inactivated cytokinin receptor genes showed that the level of transcripts of some of plastid genes during skotomorphogenesis depended on the state of functionally active receptor AHK3. The cytokinin-regulated plastid encoded genes involved the housekeeping genes (rpoB and(More)
The expression regulation by cytokinin of genetic constructs P AHK2 -GUS, P AHK3 -GUS, and P AHK4 -GUS in transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh plants bearing the gene encoding β-glucuronidase (GUS) under the control of the promoter of one of three genes encoding histidine protein kinases, which are membrane receptors of cytokinin was studied. In(More)
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