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The inhibition of the H-reflex of the Soleus (Sol) muscle that takes place during and after voluntary release of Sol muscle has been attributed to presynaptic inhibition of autogenetic spindle afferences. In the present study, the time-relationship between onset of H-reflex depression and termination of Sol contraction was investigated to ascertain whether(More)
The lack of callosal fibres between homotopic areas of the hand in the sensorimotor cortex in man and its possible functional correlates were investigated in normal adult subjects by comparing simple reaction times (RTs) of voluntary movements triggered by a somaesthetic stimulus to the same or opposite side of the body. An air jet was delivered to the skin(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the fluctuating high velocity vestibular ocular-reflex (VOR) during the Ménière's attacks and correlate those features with pathophysiology. PATIENTS A patient with unilateral Ménière's disease (MD) was evaluated closely during and after acute vertigo episodes. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES The spontaneous nystagmus and the dynamic VOR(More)
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