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Engineered chimeric enzymes as tools for drug discovery: generating reliable bacterial screens for the detection, discovery, and assessment of estrogen receptor modulators.
Engineered protein-based sensors of ligand binding have emerged as attractive tools for the discovery of therapeutic compounds through simple screening systems. We have previously shown thatExpand
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Comparison of thermal effects of stilbenoid analogs in lipid bilayers using differential scanning calorimetry and molecular dynamics: correlation of thermal effects and topographical position with
In previous studies it was shown that cannabinoids (CBs) bearing a phenolic hydroxyl group modify the thermal properties of lipid bilayers more significantly than methylated congeners. These distinctExpand
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Structural basis of multivalent galactose‐based dendrimer recognition by human galectin‐7
Galectins are evolutionarily conserved and ubiquitously present animal lectins with a high affinity for β‐galactose‐containing oligosaccharides. To date, 15 mammalian galectins have been identified.Expand
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Reductive lithiation of alkyl phenyl sulfides in diethyl ether. A ready access to α,α-dialkylbenzyllithiums
Diethyl ether is a convenient solvent for the conversion of benzylic phenyl sulfides to the corresponding organolithiums by an uncatalyzed reductive metalation, while catalysis by naphthalene isExpand
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Synthesis of N-alkoxycarbonyl-3-substituted tetramic acids and functionalized enols via C-acylation reactions of active methylene compounds with N-hydroxysuccinimide esters of
The N-hydroxysuccinimide esters of N-alkoxycarbonyl-α-amino acids react with active methylene compounds (malonic and acyl acetic esters), under basic conditions, to produceExpand
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Aryllithiums with increasing steric crowding and lipophilicity prepared from chlorides in diethyl ether. The first directly prepared room-temperature-stable dilithioarenes.
A convenient procedure has been developed for the preparation of synthetically useful, room-temperature-stable aryllithiums starting from aryl chlorides and lithium metal. The method provides a routeExpand
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Microwave assisted solid additive effects in simple dry chlorination reactions with n-chlorosuccinimide
Solid additives participate in the dry microwave assisted chlorination reaction of N-chlorosuccinimide with the xylenes affecting both yields and chemoselectivities. Total yields can be increased upExpand
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Medium-dependent lithiated side products in the reductive lithiation of allylic phenyl thioethers. Diethyl ether versus tetrahydrofuran
Diethyl ether is a convenient solvent for the reductive lithiation of allylic phenyl thioethers without the serious complications, which occur when the reaction is carried out in tetrahydrofuran.
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Synthesis, characterisation, electronic spectra and electrochemical investigation of ferrocenyl-terminated dendrimers
Two new dodecaferrocenyl dendrimers have been prepared using a sixfold Sonogashira coupling reaction and sixfold Huisgen cycloaddition, respectively. In addition, a dendron containing four ferrocenylExpand
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Synthesis of lithium ω-(m- and p-lithiophenoxy)alkoxides modified with magnesium 2-ethoxyethoxide. Crystal structures of bis[4-(2-hydroxyethoxy)phenyl]mercury and
m - and p -Chlorinated ω-phenoxyalcohols 1 , were transformed into the corresponding lithium ω-( m - and p -lithiophenoxy)alkoxides 4 , respectively, by successive deprotonation with n -butyllithiumExpand
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