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A Diels-Alder reaction of novel inner-outer-ring 1,3-silyloxydienes 5-8 with a variety of dienophiles to afford highly functionalized polycyclic structures is reported. The inner-outer-ring 1,3-silyloxydienes 5-8 containing five- to seven-membered carbocyclic and heterocyclic rings were prepared in a single reaction vessel from 2-acetylcyclocarbonyls in(More)
In this paper, an extension of the OVP based MPSoC simulator MPSoCSim is presented. This latter is an extension of the OVP simulator with a SystemC Network-on-Chip (NoC) allowing the modeling and evaluation of NoC based Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip (MPSoCs). In the proposed version, this extended simulator enables the modeling and evaluation of complex(More)
Many-core architectures are becoming a major execution platform in order to face the increasing number of applications to be executed in parallel. Such an approach is very attractive in order to offer users with high performance. However it introduces some key challenges in terms of security as some malicious applications may compromise the whole system. A(More)
Homomorphic encryption schemes allow performing computations in the ciphertext domain, without the need of the secret key. In most promising schemes based on the ring-learning with errors (R-LWE) problem, polynomial multiplication operation is considered an important bottleneck. In this study, a comparison between the Karatsuba and the fast Fourier(More)
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