Maria Margarida Vargas

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Samples of intestinal content from thirty fattened pigs of six farms slaughtered at an abattoir in North-Western Germany, and faecal samples of four pigs kept as laboratory animals at the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR, Berlin, Germany) were investigated for the occurrence of microsporidia by light microscopy, PCR and sequencing. A modified(More)
Light and transmission electron microscopy were used to examine hyphal tip cells of the fungusAllomyces macrogynus (Chytridiomycetes). A well defined apical body, i.e., Spitzenkörper, was observed at the extreme apex of hyphal cells. This distinctive, spherical cytoplasmic region consisted of a granular matrix devoid of ribosomes and most organelles. To our(More)
The tubulin cytoskeleton in hyphal tip cells ofAllomyces macrogynus was detected with an α-tubulin monoclonal antibody and analyzed with microscopic and immunoblot techniques. The α-tubulin antibody identified a 52 kilodalton polypeptide band on immunoblots. Immunfluorescence data were collected from formaldehyde-and cryofixed hyphae. Both methods provided(More)
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