Maria Manuela Nogueira

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In this study, we have characterized the early steps of hematopoiesis during embryonic stem cell differentiation. The immunophenotype of hematopoietic progenitor cells derived from murine embryonic stem cells was determined using a panel of monoclonal antibodies specific for hematopoietic differentiation antigens. Surprisingly, the CD41 antigen (alphaIIb(More)
BCR-ABL oncogene, the molecular hallmark of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) arises in a primitive hematopoietic stem cell with both differentiation and self-renewal ability. To study the phenotypic effects of BCR-ABL in a clonal in vitro self-renewal and differentiation model, we have introduced BCR-ABL in the ES cell line CCE. The major effect of(More)
In 2002, the European Science Foundation (ESF) published a Science Policy Briefing entitled Human Stem Cell Research: Scientific Uncertainties and Ethical Dilemmas. Since then there have been significant advances in the field of research, notably the emergence of regenerative medicine (RM) which promises to be a fascinating development, opening the(More)
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