Maria Manuel Nascimento

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Dental caries is a common infectious disease associated with acidogenic and aciduric bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans. Organisms that cause cavities form recalcitrant biofilms, generate acids from dietary sugars and tolerate acid end products. It has recently been recognized that micro-organisms can produce functional amyloids that are integral to(More)
Methods The “on-line” simplified questionnaire focused on the obesity prevalence and characterization of obese dogs, owner recognition and compliance to weight-loss plans, and contributing factors to the success of overweight control. Twenty-seven complete surveys were considered, covering veterinary hospitals (9) and practices (18), representing ≈32.500(More)
J.G. Dı́ez , D. Moura , M.M. Nascimento , C. Saraiva a a CECAV e Centro de Ciência Animal e Veterin aria, Universidade de Tr as-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Quinta de Prados, 5001-801, Vila Real, Portugal b Direcç~ ao de Serviços de Alimentaç~ ao e Veterin aria da Regi~ ao Norte e Direcç~ ao Geral de Alimentaç~ ao e Veterin aria, Rua Franca, 534, 4800-875, S~ ao(More)
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